My son Greg is an autistic child. I would like to thank you for your e library because finally I have found the right autism products. He seems to be more focus and attentive when I play the flash cards for him. As I find it hard to keep him still. The flash cards are real pictures!! As you know it is a requirement or a need to use real pictures. The rest of the other websites I have surfed have very inferior pictures. Keep up the good work!!!

– Jodie Perry (Hawaii, United States)

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Are you tired of always having to search for new flashcards?

We have the answer for you!!!

Our online e-library have over 10,000 “world class” e-flashcards that caters to prenatal, parents, babies, toddlers, young children and even kids with autism.

Whether your child is following Glenn Doman, Shichida Method, Heguru or others, our library resources will meet to your needs.

All the materials and programs are developed and tailored by our experienced and qualified right brain teachers that are trained in Japan. And our materials follow the syllabus and principles of these very well known schools.

When you subscribe with us, you can go online and get instant access to –

  1) Alpha Music
  2) Eye Exercise
  3) Baby Flash Cards
  4) Alphabet Flash Cards (ABC)
  5) Math Flash Cards (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, 65 Day Programme)
  6) Random and Organize Dot Flash Cards
  7) Linking Story
  8) Mandala
  9) Children Flash Cards
  10) Vocabulary Flash Cards
  11) and many more….

On top of our right brain development materials, we have also included extra learning materials that are useful for your child that are being used in most kindergartens or preschools.

  1)   Phonics (complete Montessori Syllabus)
  2)   Sight Words (Dolch Words)
  3)   Most common words used in English
  4)   And many more….

Our idea is for our e-library to cover everything your child needs to learn other than just “right brain” babies flash cards

So you will have access to a complete e-library of teaching materials to teach your child.

At RBE, we have the BEST and most complete right brain materials available today.